Glass jiggers allow you to measure out only 1 oz at a time whereas steel jiggers are calibrated to measure a 'pony' or ¾ oz at one end and a 'jigger' or 1 ½ oz at the other. Buy the best one you can afford; it's worth it.


More popularly called a bar measure because that's exactly what it does; a jigger is indispensable for measuring your ingredients accurately. Most professional bartenders favor this shaker because of its ease in cleaning, which can be of great importance when you know you are going to be spending the night shaking cocktails. Measure out the various ingredients including the spirits, liqueurs, mixers and ice and add them into the glass tumbler.


Take your pick - there's plenty to choose from in a wide range of styles, from the zaniest to the most staid.

The Boston shaker comprises of two tumblers; a glass tumbler that has a 500-ml capacity and a stainless steel tumbler that can hold up to 900 ml. This shaker is made up of three parts; a metal tumbler, a snug-fitting lid with a Air Cooler Factory built-in strainer and a small cap that fits tightly over the Air-Cooled Condenser Suppliers lid. You'll need it to open up that bottle of bubbly and for all kinds of wines as well.. When its done, simply open the outer cover and pour the drinks out through the strainer.


Used to mix two or more drinks that normally do not easily combine together, a shaker is an absolute must in any bartender's tool kit.

Champagne Stopper

Not to be confused with other kinds of bottle stoppers, champagne stoppers are specially designed to keep the bubbly, well bubbly.

The Cobbler Shaker is easier to use and is the one you will see in most households.

Can/Bottle Opener

You'll need it for opening all kinds of bottled drinks from beers to coolers and juices. Pouring the various alcoholic and non-alcoholic components in approximate quantities does not a good cocktail make. Too much alcohol will ruin a drink as much as too little will. While he may not exactly be famous for bartending any more, this is the movie that launched him into superstardom. When the metal tumbler is placed over the glass container, it forms a tight seal, allowing you to shake the cocktail without the fear of anything spilling. All you need to do is add the ingredients and ice to the tumbler, close tightly with the lid as well as the additional cover, shake well.

Ice Bucket and Tongs

Using tongs to pick up one ice cube at a time and drop it into your glass may test your guest's patience to the limit, especially if your guest is drinking scotch on the rocks, but it sure beats having anyone reach in and grab a few handfuls of ice. Great Tools Maketh A Great Bartender - That, and the deft art of shaking a cocktail while flashing your megawatt smile a la Tom Cruise in the movie "Cocktail".

While great tools may make a GREAT bartender, don't forget it is practice that will make you a PERFECT bartender. If champagne is a must at most of your parties, the champagne stopper cannot be far behind. Here are some of the tools you'll need if you intend impressing your guests with your bartending skills. Two of the most popular types of shakers are the two-piece Boston shaker and the three-piece Cobbler shaker. If that's what nifty bartending skills can do for you, it's definitely worth equipping yourself with some great bartending tools

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